Monday, November 23, 2015

Using ZSH ZMV To Mass Rename Files Episodes

This presumes you are in the show folder looking at all the season folders AND the shows have the following format:
### - Episode Title.mkv
zmv 'Season (*)/([0-9])(*) - (*).mkv' 'Season $1/{showtitle} - S0$2E$3 - $4.mkv'
This should leave you with:

Showtitle - S01E01 - Episode Title.mkv

...and so forth.

If you are unsure, add the -n flag to zmv and it will present you the changes versus simply making them.

Note: Replace {$showtitle} with the title of your show. Nested directories with zmv gave me trouble so consider this the one bit of lifting required to save you a bunch of time.

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