Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Repairing Unable To RDP To A Parallels Virtuozzo Container

Virtuozzo containers uses it's masternode's operating system files in part to run. Because of this, Windows Updates or other changes can cause it to not function properly.

One common issue is RDP suddenly not working. Luckily it's rather trivial to repair.

First step is to RDP to your Virtuozzo master node.

Second step is to open a cmd window and then enter each of these commands one line at a time (substitute the actual container ID in place of CT_ID):
vzfsctl lnkctl CT_ID --link c:\vz\private\CT_ID\root\windows\system32\drivers\rdpwd.sys --dst \windows\system32\drivers\rdpwd.sys --system

vzfsctl lnkctl CT_ID --link c:\vz\private\CT_ID\root\windows\system32\drivers\RdpDD.sys --dst \windows\system32\drivers\RdpDD.sys --system

vzfsctl lnkctl CT_ID --link c:\vz\private\CT_ID\root\windows\system32\drivers\termdd.sys --dst \windows\system32\drivers\termdd.sys --system

vzfsctl lnkctl CT_ID --link c:\vz\private\CT_ID\root\windows\system32\termsrv.dll --dst \windows\system32\termsrv.dll --system
If the file linking was your problem you should immediately be able to RDP to the container once again.

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