Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Enable Audio Over RDP For Server 2008

1) Modify required services:
-Click Start -> Run -> Services.msc
-Change the startup type of "Windows Audio Endpoint Service" to automatic
-Change the startup type of "Windows Audio Service" to automatic
-Start both services if they are not started
-Close services

2) Modify the Terminal Services configuration:
-Click Start -> Run -> tsconfig.msc
-Right-click on the RDP-TCP connection in the right-hand pane
-Click the "Client Settings" tab and make sure that no items related to audio are disabled
-Close tsconfig

3) At this time, log out of the server and then log back in

4) Modify the registry
-Log back into your server as Administraor
-Click Start -> Run -> regedit
-Browse to: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AudioEngine\AudioProcessingObjects
-On each subkey, right-click and click "Permissions" -> "Advanced" -> "Owner" tab and set the owenr to the "Administrators" group and click "OK"
-On the main "Permissions" window, click the "Administrators" group and give it "Full Control" and click "OK" to close the permissions window
-Click each subkey and in the right pane, modify the DWORD value of "MinOutputConnections" from 1 to 0, then click "OK"
-Close regedit

5) Restart audio services
-Click Start -> Run -> Services.msc
-Restart the "Windows Audio Service"
-Restart the "Windows Audio Endpoint Service"

6) At this time, log out of the server

7) Setup RDP
-Open the RDP connection dialogue
-Go to "Options" => "Local Resources" => "Configure Remote Audio Settings" and click "Play on this Computer"

8) At this time, log into the server

You should be all set!

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